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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download ...

… software?

Popular software can be accessed from our home page under the heading Get the Tools

The complete list of software packages can be accessed by either clicking on the button Discover more software or navigating to Software > Download

After selecting the appropriate software package, navigate to Support Docs to access the most recent as well as prior versions.

How do I find …

 …. an event?

Next events are found on our home page under What is happening?

A complete list of events, past and future (webinars, hackathons, workshops, and governance, etc.), can be find by navigating to Calendar.  Select the event type from the drop down and navigate to the year you are interested in and hit Go!

For past events, do not forget to select the Show Past Events link.

… travel reimbursement forms?

Travel reimbursement policies and forms can be accessed by navigating to About Us > Contact us > Travel Reimbursement.

… content from the geodynamics wiki?

Content from the old wiki has been moved to Community > Projects.  Projects are not publicly visible but you can request access. In the meantime, the old wiki is still available at In Phase II of the rollout, we will be moving this information to a publicly available site.

... more information on how to edit Group wiki pages?

Information about wiki pages is linked from the Main Page of each group e.g.,

… a working group?

Working Groups can be accessed by navigating to Community > Groups.

What can I use the ticketing system for?

Use the ticketing system to:

  • Report a bug or get technical help for the website
  • Send inquiries about events
  • File your travel reimbursement request
  • Send feedback
  • Get in touch with CIG HQ staff
  • Submit a publication

Use the forum to:

  • Request help for a specific software package
  • Start a discussion

What happened to ...

... the mailing list?

The old mailman list serve is no longer being supported.  To continue receiving emails from us, sign up for our forum. Navigate to Categories to see the list of categories you can automatically received emails from.  To continue receiving announcements from us, select the category Announcements. From within the category look for the bell icon next to the +New Topic button.  By selecting this icon, a list of options for how often you wish to receive emails will appear.


... software statistics?

Download maps and software statistics is planned for Phase II.

What features are being planned for the Phase II rollout?

In Phase II look for:

  • Enhanced software statistics 
  • Full migration of the geodynamics wiki 
  • Executable Jupyter notebooks