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CIG Headquarters

Postdoctoral Fellows

Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Researchers who are interested in contributing to the development and support of numerical modeling codes in geodynamics and towards conducting independent research. Learn more about CIG Postdoctoral opportunities.

Apply before June 30, 2021. CLOSED

Student Assistants

No current openings.


Community Manager

We seek a Community Manager (CM) with a background in the geosciences to develop and lead community engagement, education, and diversity initiatives for our community. The CM will work with our community to construct new online courses and cultivate and maintain communication channels. The CM will promote within the organization issues in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). The CM will assist in organization wide activities.  The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in the geosciences, familiarity with developing online course content, a strong interest in science communication, and experience with programming/scripting language(s). 

For more information, please see our job posting at

Apply before April 13, 2022.

Research Software Engineer

The Research Software Engineer (RSE) is responsible for developing strategies for and leading community efforts in the development of modern workflows and repositories for reproducible high-performance computational models in geodynamics. The RSE engages the community and leads the software development effort in establishing standardized parallel in-/output formats and other interfaces for community software. In this role, the RSE participates in the development of collaborative activities that utilize, test, and extend CIG products, including testing and benchmarking efforts on the nation’s largest available supercomputers. The RSE assists in and collaborates with efforts to containerize high-performance modeling software.

For more information, please see our job posting at

Apply before April 13, 2022.






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