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Student Assistants

No current openings.





Postdoctoral Fellows

The Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to contribute to the development and support of teaching numerical modeling in geodynamics and towards developing independent research. CIG supports the development and dissemination of software for geophysics and related fields by supporting the infrastructure for the development of open source, community codes.

The candidate is encouraged to develop innovative, original, and feasible software engineering and/or software development projects that complement and/or improve our current practices. CIG supports communities in computational science, dynamo, education, long-term tectonics, mantle convection, multiphysics, seismology, seismic cycles, and short-term crustal dynamics. Active areas of interest include:
• the advancement of an existing non-CIG code for inclusion into the CIG community
• significant expansion of an existing CIG code
• the application and / or development of new tools for visualization, management, and analysis of model data, and
• outreach and education.

For more information, please see our job posting at:

Apply before July 15, 2024.

Research Software Engineer

The Project Scientist is part of the CIG Headquarters team and is responsible for leading community efforts in utilizing software best practices in development of educational modules, computational modeling workflows and application of HPC in computational geodynamics for the CIG Community. 

For more information, please see our job posting at

Apply before April 1, 2024.




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