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Contribute Code

CIG develops, supports and disseminates open source software for the geodynamics research community. As such, software must meet community standards and be within the scope of the organization to be accepted. CIG supports a hosted software by providing a freely available online repository, supporting the authors in modernizing their software development process and meeting best practices, and by including the software in its software catalogue. Depending on the agreed upon service level CIG may provide additional support.

By contributing codes to CIG, researchers keep their authorship and copyright, but expose their code to a wider audience and provide provenance for published research.  This helps to prevent duplication of effort, clarifies methodology, provides a referenceable source and aids the community interested in similar problems.

Thinking about contributing code? Review the contribution checklist first.

All CIG software is hosted under a version controlled Git repository at


All CIG software, contributed or developed in-house, is expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Domain Relevance. All CIG software should solve problems relevant for the CIG community in geodynamics, seismology or related fields. The methods used should be peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal (CIG can support new projects in this process).
  • Open Source License. All CIG software is published under an open source license as described in our licensing policy and freely available via the CIG website.
  • Best practices. All CIG software projects follow a set of modern software development techniques and continually try to improve their workflow as described in the CIG best practices.


We recommend contacting before starting the process to discuss individual steps and the review process. Contributed codes are reviewed by the Science Steering Committee whose recommendations are forwarded to the Executive Committee. If approved, CIG will provide consulting and limited resources in preparing software to meet CIG best practices.  At such time, a software record will be created  and the package available for download in our online catalogue.  CIG will continue to maintain the code at the accepted service level unless otherwise warranted at which time its status may change.


For further questions and instructions, please contact support at: