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CIG's cyberinfrastructure focuses on the creation and support of open-source software through the:

  • Preservation and distribution of software and algorithms,
  • Dissemination of and education about modern software development techniques,
  • Documentation of software impact and citations,
  • Organization of workshops, meetings, and technical reports,
  • Direct support for development of new software components that the community prioritizes.

CIG hosts software in a wide range of disciplines in geodynamics and computational science including geodynamo, long-term tectonics, fluid and melt migration, mantle dynamics, seismology, and short-term crustal dynamics.  If you are interested in including CIG in your data management plan, please see our Code Contribution policy.

CIG provides pathways to high-performance computing for researchers. If available, benchmarks on XSEDE for popular community codes are included under a code's Group. You can apply for computing time for small test runs in order to develop your own computing time proposal. 

Finding Software

The software search page makes it possible to find all software contributed to CIG by the community and its associated metadata and resources. We recommend filtering by Tag in the relevant domain of interest. 

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Using Software Records

Users and Developers

Each software record provides you with the necessary information to get started using the code including how to find help. The most recent version can be directly downloaded using the link at the top right hand side of the page.

The About tab gives a brief description of the general types of problems the code is designed to model along with release notes for the most recent version. All codes include documentation and/or tutorials and examples.

Other tabs show community information including additional help for Users and Developers. For additional help and tips, join the group's category in the CIG forum (see Users).

All downloadable binaries, if available, and source code packages are found under Previous versions or downloaded directly from Supporting Docs.

Status and Licensing

Codes may or may not be under active development. See our Code Support Policy for explanation of support categories.

All CIG codes are made available under an open source license.


CIG software is made possible by a community of contributors - developers, maintainers, software engineers and others. It is essential to give appropriate credit to these scientific contributions by citing the software and version you use correctly --- as listed in the How to cite tab for each software --- and by submitting to CIG the publications that use community software ---  see the Citations tab.

Additionally remember to acknowledge CIG and XSEDE if using XSEDE resources.

You can also consult individual software manuals for licensing and acknowledgement information.

CIG on Zenodo

CIG maintains a community, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, on Zenodo. This community is intended for use for codes in the CIG repository and their associated research products. However, we welcome other domain relevant research products from the geodynamics community. Look for other related software and datasets here.