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Code Support

Software Status Description

Software in CIG’s open source library are assigned one of the following support categories:

Developed Actively adding features to support improved science or performance by CIG [D_CIG] or by community contributors [D_CONTRIB].
Supported Actively supported, maintained and upgraded by CIG [S_CIG] or by community contributors [S_CONTRIB].
Archived No development activity; not supported.  No commitment to updates. [A]

Developed Codes have been validated, passed benchmarks established by the appropriate community, and are leading edge codes in geodynamics. Developed codes may either be donated or developed by CIG Staff or the community.  These codes are under active development or enhancements and often are actively supported by CIG through maintenance, technical assistance, training and documentation.

Supported Codes are mature codes that meet community standards but are no longer undergoing active development. Codes have been benchmarked and documented with examples and references such that they remain useful research tools.  Supported codes include codes donated to CIG from members of our community. Minor changes such as bug fixes and binary upgrades are supported.

Archived Codes. Bug reports can be submitted via github but no resources are available for its development, maintenance, or support.