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CIG IV officially launched February 1, 2023.

Research Highlight


Coupling mantle convection (ASPECT) to lithosphere and surface processes to understand North American tectonics

Contributed by Alireza Bahadori and Jacqueline Austerman, Columbia University 

Dramatic topographic extension, an unparalleled suite of data from field observations and EarthScope, and well-constrained plate boundary evolution make the western United States a world-class natural laboratory for studying the thermomechanical processes of extensional collapse. The present-day Basin and Range province of Southwestern North America (SWNA) is the product of this complete period of extension. The extensional period is generally recognized to consist of an early phase in latest Eocene-Oligocene, in which metamorphic core complexes formed through evolution of low-angle normal faults that eventually exhumed highly sheared middle-crustal rocks (Bahadori and Holt, 2019).

In a pair of studies we model mantle flow using ASPECT ... [full article]


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2023 CIG Webinar

February 9, 2023


Genesis of the El Laco magnetite-apatite deposits by extrusion of iron-rich melt: a modelling perspective. Tobias Keller, ETH  •  register  •  More Info 

*** NEW TIME - 10A PST

Updated 10 January 2023


2023 CIG Fault Mechanics Webinar

February 17, 2023


Hydrothermal friction experiments on simulated basaltic fault gouge and implications for megathrust earthquakes. Tamara Jeppson, USGS  •  register  •  More Info 

Updated 7 February January 2023


2023 CIG Fault Mechanics Webinar

Frictional mechanics of shallow slow slip phenomena: An integrated perspective from experiments, numerical modeling and geophysical observations, Sharan Shreedharan, Utah State University. •  register  •  More Info 

Posted: 7 February 2023


Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems Special Collection

Call for Papers for Frontiers in lithospheric dynamics: bridging scales through observations, experiments, and computations.   •  More Info

Deadline: 23 November 2023

Posted 17 January 2022

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A set of codes for MHD dynamo simulation in a rotating spherical shell using spherical harmonics expansion methods.
Current release: 2017-07-17
GNU GPL v2 or newer license



Finite-element code for dynamic and quasistatic simulations of crustal deformation, primarily earthquakes. and volcanoes
Current release: 2022-10-14
MIT license



A 3-D convection code designed for the study of dynamo behavior in spherical shell geometry. 
Current release: 2022-05-05
GNU GPL v3 or newer license


v3.0 beta

3-D seismic modeling, with a free surface condition on the top boundary, absorbing super-grid conditions on the far-field boundaries, and an arbitrary number of point force and/or point moment tensor source terms. 
Current release: 2012-11-02
GNU GPL v2 or newer license

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