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May 2013


SELEN – SEa Level EquatioN solver, is now available. Donated by Daniele Melini and Giorgio Spada, this open source program SELEN solves numerically the so-called "Sea Level Equation" (SLE) for a spherical, layered, non-rotating Earth with Maxwell viscoelastic rheology. The SLE is an integral equation that was introduced in the 70’s to model the sea level variations in response to the melting of late Pleistocene ice sheets, but it can also be employed for predictions of geodetic quantities in response to present-day melting of continental ice-sheets. SELEN can compute vertical and horizontal surface displacements, gravity variations and sea level changes on a global and regional scale. SELEN is particularly oriented to scientists at their first approach to the glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) problem and can be successfully applied to teaching. Download at: