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By Giorgio Spada (primary-developer)1, Daniele Melini (primary-developer)2

1. DiSBeF, Università di Urbino 2. Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

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SELEN: a program for solving the "Sea Level Equation.

The open source program SELEN solves numerically the so-called "Sea Level Equation" (SLE) for a spherical, layered, non-rotating Earth with Maxwell viscoelastic rheology. The SLE is an integral equation that was introduced in the 70s to model the sea level variations in response to the melting of late Pleistocene ice sheets, but it can also be employed to present-day melting of continental ice-sheets. SELEN can compute vertical and horizontal surface displacements, gravity variations and sea level changes on a global and regional scale. SELEN (acronym of SEa Level EquatioN solver) is particularly oriented to scientists at their first approach to the glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) problem and, according to our experience, it can be successfully used in teaching. The current release (2.9) considerably improves the previous version of the code in terms of computational efficiency, portability and versatility.

Release Notes

SELEN 4.0-beta.3 [2019-10-28]

  Third pre-production release of SELEN4. Addressed an issue with elastic LNs for VM5a

SELEN_2.9.13.tar.gz [2018-06-13] 

  Fixed an issue that caused a compilation error with gfortran 6.3.

Sponsored by

The development of SELEN has been supported by ISCRA (Italian SuperComputing Resource Allocation) with contracts n. HP10CS9J50 (SEASIM) and HP10CUX77T (SEAMED). Partly funded by COST Action ES0701 "Improved Constraints on Models of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment" and by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme through grant number 226375 (ice2sea project).


We thank all the SELEN users and a number of colleagues for the numerous feedbacks that have greatly contributed to improve the program.