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  1. Education resources: Development roadmap

    08 Apr 2024 | Contributor(s): Mohamed Gouiza, Juliane Dannberg, Adam F Holt, Lorraine Hwang, Gabriele Morra, John Naliboff, Maxwell Rudolph, D. Sarah Stamps, Iris van Zelst

    Roadmap for the development of educational modules in geodynamics. 

  2. TauP

    29 Feb 2024 | Software: Download | Contributor(s): H. Philip Crotwell (primary-developer), Thomas J. Owens

    The TauP Toolkit is a seismic travel time calculator. In addition to travel times, it can calculate derivative information such as ray paths through the earth, pierce and turning points. It handles many types of velocity models and can calculate times for virtually any seismic phase with a...

  3. 2023 CIG Annual Business Meeting

    18 Dec 2023 | Documents | Contributor(s): Lorraine Hwang, Rene Gassmoeller, Mohamed Gouiza

    CIG presentations from the 2023 Annual Business Meeting, Wednesday December 13, San Francisco, CA.

  4. Geodynamic World Builder

    12 Oct 2023 | Software: Download | Contributor(s): Menno Fraters (primary-developer)

    The Geodynamic World Builder (GWB) is an open source code library intended to set up initial conditions for computational geodynamic models and/or visualize complex 3D tectonic settings in both cartesian and spherical geometries. The inputs for the JSON-style parameter file are not...

  5. ASPECT Jupyter Notebooks

    12 Oct 2023 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Rene Gassmoeller

    Contains ASPECT Jupyter notebooks

  6. 2023 ASPECT Hackathon

    05 Sep 2023 | Workshops | Contributor(s): ASPECT Hackathon Participants

    Hackathon repport.For more information see:

  7. 2023 Rayleigh Hackathon

    15 Aug 2023 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Nick Featherstone, Rene Gassmoeller, Workshop Participants

    Hackathon Report For event information, see:

  8. 2023 Crafting Quality Research Software and Navigating Publication in Software Journals

    11 Aug 2023 | Workshops | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    Videos and presentation for this workshop.See also the event website.

  9. 2023 PyLith Hackathon

    02 Aug 2023 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Brad Aagaard

    Workshop report

  10. ACCESS 2023

    28 Jul 2023 | Documents | Contributor(s): Staff

    Documents for the ACCESS proposal submitted July 15, 2023.

  11. ASPECT Virtual Desktop

    27 Jun 2023 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Rene Gassmoeller, Lorraine Hwang, Mohamed Gouiza

    A preinstalled ASPECT environment.

  12. Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science

    28 Apr 2023 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Pritwiraj Moulik

    An introduction to a smorgasbord of geoscience topics using the Python programming language.

  13. Jupyter Lab (2020)

    20 Mar 2023 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook architecture.

  14. Fault strength evolution during the seismic cycle: Insights from the laboratory

    10 Mar 2023 | Webinars | Contributor(s): John Bedford

    Geophysical evidence suggests that some faults are frictionally strong, in agreement with laboratory measurements of quasi-static frictional strength (μ ≈ 0.6-0.8) for many crustal materials; whereas others studies have found that some faults are weak when compared to laboratory friction...

  15. 2022 CIG Annual Business Meeting

    29 Nov 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    Presentation from the 2022 CIG Annual Business meeting, November 9, 2022 from 10a-noon PT. [more info]

  16. 2022 Rayleigh Hackathon

    20 Oct 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Nicholad Featherstone, Rene Gassmoeller

    Workshop Report

  17. 2022 Seismic Cycles Workshops

    13 Oct 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Sylvain Barbot, Multiple

    Presentations from the 2022 Seismic Cycles Workshop. 

  18. 2021 Rayleigh Hackathon Report

    12 Sep 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

  19. BurnMan Jupyter Notebook

    07 Sep 2022 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Bob Myhill

    Contains BurnMan Jupyter notebooks

  20. 2022 CIG Annual Report

    06 Sep 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    2022 CIG Annual Report

  21. 2020 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop Report

    27 Jul 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Brad Aagaard, Sylvain Barbot, Brittany Erickson, Matthew Knepley, Mark Simons, Charles Williams

    Workshop report

  22. Coordination with SZ4D

    14 Jul 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): Sylvain Barbot

    Contribution to the Computational Solid Earth Science Initiative Coordination Meeting Location: SEEC Building, University of Colorado, Boulder, 4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, COModality: In-person, remote supported (zoom links below, different for day 1 and 2)Main meeting room:...

  23. XSEDE Proposal 2022

    14 Jul 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    XSEDE proposal and code scaling: September 2022

  24. 2022 Software Developers Workshop

    13 Jul 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Brad Aagaard, Rene Gassmoeller, Lorraine Hwang

    Workshop Report

  25. 2022 Modeling shallow slow slip events along the Hikurangi margin: Insights into their segmentation and the effect of pore-pressure cycling

    02 Jul 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Andrea Perez-Silva

    Friday July 1, 2022 Andrea Perez-Silva, Victoria University of Wellington Over the last two decades, geodetic observations have revealed slow slip events (SSEs) in most subduction zones worldwide. Of these, SSEs that occur along the shallow (<~15 km depth) portion of the Hikurangi...

  26. ASPECT Hackathon 2022 Report

    23 Jun 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Organizing Committee

    2022 ASPECT Hackathon Dates: May 15-24, 2022 Location: Cody, Wyoming

  27. ASPECT Hackathon 2021 Report

    23 Jun 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Organizing Commitee

    2021 ASPECT Hackathon Dates: Tuesday July 6 - Friday July 16 Location: Virtual

  28. Frontera 2021

    15 Jun 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): Lorraine Hwang, Hiroaki Matsui

    This file was part of a draft.

  29. Frontera 2022

    15 Jun 2022 | Documents | Contributor(s): Lorraine Hwang, Hiroaki Matsui

  30. 2022 Cycles of slow slip events on nonplanar subduction faults and their implications on megathrust earthquakes

    11 Jun 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Duo Li

    Slow slip and slow earthquakes (SSEs), driven by transient aseismic deformation along the subduction interface, are proposed to affect the initiation of megathrust earthquakes. Prominent examples, as inferred from geodetic and seismic observations, include the 2011 M9.1Tohoku-Oki,, the 2014...

  31. 2022 Fault-size dependent fracture energy, seismogenesis, and cascading rupture on multi-scale fault networks

    29 May 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Dmitry Garagash

    Fracture energy fundamentally affects all aspects of earthquake rupture, including fault seismogenesis. Seismological inferences of fracture energy [1-3] are seen to increase with both slip and the size of fault source. To explain these observations, refs [3-5] invoke co-seismic shear...

  32. 2022 Theoretical insights on the rupture arrest of large earthquakes

    24 May 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Jean Paul Ampuero

    What determines the size of an earthquake? How can we quantify the control of geometric and material heterogeneities on rupture segmentation? I will present recent progress in our theoretical understanding of earthquake rupture arrest, especially for the largest earthquakes. Recent advances in...

  33. 2022 Mainshock and aftershock sequence simulations in a nonplanar fault network

    19 May 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): So Ozawa, Ryosuke Ando

    Aftershocks seem to be located along the trace of the mainshock fault; however, due to the location error, we do not know their exact location relative to the mainshock fault. Here, we hypothesize that most aftershocks occur on small subsidiary faults instead of the mainshock fault, and they...

  34. 2022 Rupture styles and recurrence patterns in seismic cycles linked to physical properties of the fault zone

    18 May 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Shiying Nie

    Rupture styles emerge in a broad range of rupture styles, from slow-slip events collocated with or without tremors to pulse-like earthquake sequences. Meanwhile, Earthquake catalogs exhibit various recurrence patterns, from periodic and characteristic earthquakes to chaotic sequences with...

  35. 2022 Poroelastic Implementation in PyLith: Gateway to Multiphysics

    13 May 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Robert L Walker

    Thursday May 12, 2022 @ 2P PDT Poroelastic Implementation in PyLith: Gateway to Multiphysics Robert Walker, SUNY Buffalo PyLith, a community, open-source code ( for modeling quasi-static and dynamic crustal deformation with an emphasis on earthquake...

  36. RStudio

    12 May 2022 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    RStudio is a GUI for R, the statistical programming language.

  37. Jupyter Notebook (2020)

    22 Apr 2022 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server

  38. Development Workspace (Debian 10)

    22 Apr 2022 | Software: Launch | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    Development Workspace

  39. HIPPYlib: An Extensible Software Framework for Large-Scale Inverse Problems Governed by PDEs

    08 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Umberto Villa, Noemi Petri, Omar Ghattas

  40. Kokkos, A Brief Overview

    08 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Christian R. Trott

  41. Building Portable Containers for HPC

    02 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Shane Canon

  42. SCOPED: introduction and project update Seismic COmputational Platform for Empowering Discovery

    02 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Carl Tape, Ebru Bozdag, Marine Denolle, Felix Waldhauser, ian Wang

    The SCOPED project goal is to establish a novel hybrid cloud+HPC computational platform for use by the broader scientific community that combines large-scale processing and modeling of seismic data with a suite of open-source seismic codes.

  43. GPU Support in deal.II

    02 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Bruno Turcksin, Daniel Arndt

  44. Journal of Open Source Software: Developing a Software Review Community

    01 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Daniel S. Katz, JOSS Editors

  45. Using GPUs with PETSc

    01 Mar 2022 | Workshops | Contributor(s): Patrick Sanan

  46. 2022 Energy transfer among flow and magnetic fields with different equatorial symmetry during the dipole reversal in a geodynamo simulation

    17 Feb 2022 | Webinars | Contributor(s): Takumi Kera, Hiroaki Matsui, Masaki Matsushima, Yuto Katoh

    The geomagnetic field has reversed its polarity, and some numerical dynamos have suggested that anti-symmetric flow with respect to the equator plays a role in reversals. Olson et al., (2004) suggested that the equatorial antisymmetric flow is temporarily strengthened, and transports a locally...

  47. 2021 CIG

    18 Nov 2021 | Documents | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    Presentation and recording of the 2021 CIG Annual Business Meeting November 18, 2021 ~@1-2:30P PT.

  48. 2021 CIG Annual Business Meeting

    18 Nov 2021 | Documents | Contributor(s): CIG Staff

    Presentation from the 2021 CIG Annual Business Meeting, November 18 @1-2:30P PT.

  49. 2021 & 2022 CIG Annual Report

    03 Nov 2021 | Documents | Contributor(s): Staff

    NSF 1550901 Annual Reports for the following years: 2020-20212021-2022 

  50. 2021 SMOREs Introduction

    02 Nov 2021 | Webinars | Contributor(s): John Naliboff

    2021 SMOREs ShowcaseJohn Naliboff, New Mexico Tech