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  2. 2008workshopforadvancingnumericalmodelingofmantleconvectionandlithosphericdynamics x
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  1. Upper Mantle Dynamics Expressed in Hotspot Basalt Chemistry

    27 Dec 2020 | Contributor(s): Garrett Ito, Todd Bianco, John Mahoney, Janet Becker, Michael Garcia

    Upper Mantle Dynamics Expressed in Hotspot Basalt Chemistry. June 19, 2005. Garrett Ito, Todd Bianco, John Mahoney, Janet Becker, Michael Garcia.

  2. 3D spherical gridding

    27 Dec 2020 | Contributor(s): Christian Huettig

    3D spherical gridding based on equidistant, constant volume cells for FV/FD methods. June 19, 2005. Christian Huettig. 

  3. Unlocking the Secrets of the Rocky Planets

    27 Dec 2020 | Contributor(s): John Baumgardner

    Numerical and Benchmarking Issues for 3D Spherical Codes (Unlocking the Secrets of the Rocky Planets) June 19, 2005. John Baumgardner