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2018 AGU Week

2018 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2018 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 10

DI13B-0029  A Comparative Study of Slab-edge Driven Mantle Flow in the Alaska subduction Zone, the Cocos-Nazca Gap, and the Vanuatu-North Fiji system. Margarete Ann JadamecKaren M. FischerPatricia MJ Durance, and Kirstie LaFon Haynie.
DI13B-0034 Small Scale Flow Induced Azimuthal Seismic Anisotropy beneath Madagascar: Implications for Rheology. Tahiry Andriantsoa RajaonarisonD. Sarah StampStewart FishwickSascha Brune. and Anne Glerum.
G13B-0516 Cryospherically Induced Stress Fluctuations in Tectonically Active Southern Alaska. Jeanne M Sauber,, Natalia A Ruppert, and Christopher Rollins.
S13C-0436 Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Elastic Strain Effect on Coda Wave Interferometry. Jérôme AzzolaJean SchmittbuhlDimitri ZigoneOlivier Lengliné,, Vincent Magnenet, and Frederic Masson.
T13A-08 Geodynamic Modeling of Mantle Evolution of the South China Sea and Surrounding Subduction Systems. Zhiyuan Zhou and Jian Lin.
T13F-0295              Quantitative analysis of distributed normal faulting patterns in 3D thermal-mechanical simulations of continental rifting. John Naliboff,  Sascha Brune, and  Tim Hake.
T13I-0353 Multicycle Simulations of Fault Parameters of Mw6-7 Inland Faults. Anatoly PetukhinPercy GalvezPaul Somerville, and Andreas Skarlatoudis.
V13A-05 Geodynamic-petrologic modelling of near-continent volcanic islands: the case of the eastern Atlantic. 
Antonio Manjón-Cabeza and CórdobaMaxim Ballmer.

Tuesday, December 11

DI21B-001 Investigation of dynamic sub-grid scale (SGS) terms in dynamo simulations with small Ekman number. Hiroaki Matsui and Bruce A Buffett.
DI22A-02 How surface topography of convergent margins depends on the deep slab geometry and kinematics: insights from numerical modelling.  Arthur BriaudRoberto AgrustaClaudio FaccennaFrancesca Funiciello, and Jeroen Van Hunen
DI22A-05 Dynamics of Stagnant Slabs in the Mantle Transition Zone. Ying Zhou and Zhen Guo.
DI23A-01 Sensitivity kernels for geodynamic surface observables based on adjoint methods. Jacqueline AustermannDavid Al-AttarWolfgang Bangerth, and Mark Hoggard.
DI23A-02 CitcomSVE: A massively parallelized finite element software package for modeling elastic and viscoelastic deformation on regional and global scales. Shijie Zhong.
DI23A-04 Nonlinear Constitutive Laws for Fault Dynamics. Matthew KnepleyBrad Aagaard, and Charles A Williams.
DI23A-05 Pythonic Parallel Implementation of 3D Lattice Boltzmann Method for Geophysical and Geological Applications.Gabriele MorraPeter R Mora, and David A Yuen.
DI24B-01 Adaptive Multigrid Solvers for Stokes flow in ASPECT.  Timo Heister and Thomas Clevenger
DI24B-02 Mantle Convection Beyond the Reference Profile: Accurately Modeling Dynamic Effects of Compressibility. Rene GassmoellerJuliane DannbergTimo HeisterWolfgang Bangerth, and Robert Myhill
DI24B-03 The Impact of Geodynamically Constrained Lateral Viscosity Variations on Convection-Related Surface Observables. Marie KajanAlessandro M Forte, and Petar Glisovic.
DI24B-07  Assessing spectral-element seismic wave propagation on current HPC architectures. Daniel B PeterVadim MonteillerDimitri KomatitschMalte SchirwonMatthieu Philippe Lefebvre
Etienne BachmannYouyi RuanJeroen TrompEbru BozdagYangkang Chen, and Jonathan Vincent.
DI24B-14                        Spectral-Infinite-Element Simulation of Potential Field. Problems in Geophysics. Hom Nath GhartiLeah LangerJeroen TrompFrederik Simons, and Stefano Zampini.
ED21B-13  Why Are the Pieces of Land in the Wide Water that Breath out Fire and Smoke Made of Different Types of Rocks? Juliane Dannberg and Rene Gassmoeller.
NG24A-08 Convection Simulations Explain the Compositional Heterogeneity of Oceanic Island Chains. Juliane Dannberg and Rene Gassmoeller.
P24A-07 What Can Surface Observations Tell Us About Ceres’ Interior? Scott D KingMichael T BlandJulie C CastilloAnton ErmakovRoger R FuSimone MarchiCarol A RaymondJennifer E. C. ScullyHanna G Sizemore, and Christopher T Russell.
S21C-0464 Reconstruction of Fault Geometry Through Hypocenter Clustering for Coulomb Stress Analysis During the L’Aquila Earthquake Swarm. Brennan BrunsvikGabriele MorraGabriele CambiottiLauro ChiaraluceRaffaele Di StefanoMaddalena Michele, and David A Yuen.
S21D-0474 Effect of damage and spallation on Rg waves for SPE-5. Zhou LeiEsteban RougierHoward J PattonCarene S Larmat, and Christopher R Bradley.
S21D-0479 Triggering mechanisms of aftershocks from explosions and earthquakes using physics-based simulations. Kayla KrollArben PitarkaSean Ricardo FordWilliam R Walter, and Keith B Richards-Dinger.
T21C-07 Dynamic rupture simulation along the southern San Andreas Fault through the San Gorgonio Pass – Effects of fault geometry and 3D velocity model. Ge Li and Yajing Liu.
V23K-0196 Machine Learning on Infrared Images of Strombolian Eruptions atop Mount Erebus, Antarctica. Brian Dye and Gabriele Morra.


Wednesday, December 12

DI31C-0026 Mapping transition zone topography beneath China by migration of ScS reverberations. Samuel McRae HauglandJeroen RitsemaJeannot Trampert, and Daoyuan Sun.
DI33C-0051 Venusian Impacts: Starting a Mobile Lid. Grant Euen and Scott D King.
S31C-0520                  Variation in Interplate Coupling Between Downgoing and Overriding Plates: Implications for Great Earthquakes in Areas of Flat Slab Subduction from 3-D Geodynamic Models of Alaska. Angela Olsen and Margarete Ann Jadamec.
S31D-0538 Born and Rytov Approximations for Forward Modelling of Seismic Waveforms that Sample the Lower Mantle. Harriet GodwinTarje Nissen-Meyer, and Karin Sigloch.
S31E-0559 Transdimensional receiver function waveform inversion. Scott BurdickMakayla Myers, and Sarah J Brownlee
S31E-1650  Square-root variable-metric (SRVM) based null-space shuttle: a characterization of the non-uniqueness in elastic full-waveform inversion (FWI). Qiancheng Liu and Daniel B Peter.
T33C-0416 Stability of cratons since early Phanerozoic. Jyotirmoy Paul and Attreyee Ghosh.
T33C-0417 Evolution of lithospheric drip and its impact on the seismicity in the Central and Southeastern US. Arushi SaxenaEunseo Choi, and Christine Ann Powell.
T33C-0418 The numerical simulation for lithospheric mantle delamination triggered by oceanic plate subduction. Miao ChenXiaobing Shen, and Wei Leng.
T33D-0443 Fault Slip Rates and Off-fault Deformation Rates in Southern California Examined with Elasto-Plastic Deformation Models. Yi-Rong Yang and Prof. Kaj M Johnson.
V31H-0222 Quantifying state-of-stress and surface deformation in magmatic rift zones:Eastern Rift, Africa. Sarah Jaye C OlivaCynthia EbingerEleonora RivaltaChristelle Wauthier, and Charles A Williams

Thursday, December 13

DI41B-0006        Effect of viscosity structure on long wavelength convection and comparison with tomographic models. Diogo José Louro LourençoMaxwell L Rudolph, and Pritwiraj Moulik.
DI43C-0030 Geodynamics of Martian Volcanism and Mantle Melting: Formation of the Tharsis Rise Due to Small-Scale Convection at the Dichotomy Boundary. Josh Murphy.
IN43C-0909 A Decade+ of Open Software Practice at CIG. Lorraine Hwang and Louise H Kellogg.
P43D-3805 Simulating Atmospheric Features of Jupiter and Saturn With Deep Convection Models. Moritz H HeimpelNicholas Andrew Featherstone, and Jonathan M Aurnou.
S43C-0611 Joint theory of friction and fracturing for earthquake rupture modelling. Ekaterina Bolotskaya and Bradford H Hager
T43G-0506 Towards Earthquake System Science: Constraining Basal Mantle Stress Partitioning Within the Lithosphere and Crust. Ravi V S Kanda and Anthony R Lowry
T41H-0393 Assessing the Generation of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake in Terms of the Dynamics of a Fore-arc Sliver System. Kirstie LaFon Haynie and Margarete Ann Jadamec.
T43H-0518 Modeling Lithospheric Stress of Continental United States. Zebin CaoLijun Liu, and Quan Zhou

Friday, December 14

DI51B-0003               Role of Strain-Dependent Weakening Memory on the Style of Mantle Convection and Plate Boundary Stability. Lukas FuchsZel Hurewitz, and Thorsten W Becker.
DI51B-0005 The Role of Dynamic Topography on Glacial Inception in North America. Sophie CoulsonJacqueline AustermannMark Hoggard, and Jerry X Mitrovica.
DI51B-0017 Explore the Density Structure of Cratonic Lithosphere Using Global Residual Topography. Yaoyi WangLijun Liu, and Jiashun Hu.
DI51B-0020 The Relation Between Tractions and Strain Rate at the Base of the Lithosphere: Key to Understanding Cratonic Stability. Attreyee GhoshJyotirmoy Paul, and Clinton P Conrad.
S51A-05 The Advantages of Sp Pre-stack Migration Based on Scattering Kernels. Junlin HuaKaren M. Fischer, and Nicholas J Mancinelli.
S53C-0409 Full Waveform Tomography: A Comparison Between Adjoint-Wavefield and Scattering-Integral Approaches. Changyang YinLi Zhao, and Jieyuan Ning.
S53C-0413 Impact of surface topography on full-waveform tomography for Central Mexico. Armando Espindola-Carmona and Daniel B Peter.
S53C-0417 Adjoint Tomography of South America based on 3D Spectral-Element Seismic Wave Simulations. Caio CiardelliEbru Bozdag, and Marcelo Assumpcao
S53E-0458 Moment tensor estimation and uncertainty quantification using mtuq, instaseis, obspy and pymc. Ryan ModrakVipul SilwalCelso R Alvizuri, and Carl Tape.
S53E-0460 Hybrid waveform modeling for small-scale source complexity at teleseismic distances. Marta Pienkowska-CoteStuart E.J. NippressDavid Bowers, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.
T51G-0255 Numerical simulations of stress variations with depth in a model for the San Jacinto fault zone. Niloufar AbolfathianChristopher W Johnson, and Yehuda Ben-Zion
T51I-0279 Understanding subduction dynamics in the Southwest Pacific.  Diandian PengLijun Liu, and Jiashun Hu.
T51I-0282 Adjoint Tomography of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone and New Zealand’s North Island. Bryant ChowYoshihiro KanekoVipul SilwalCarl Tape, and John Townend.
T52D-05 Transition Zone Structure Beneath the Eastern US. Shangxin LiuJohn C. AragonMaggie BenoitMaureen D Long, and Scott D King.
T53C-02 Static and Time-Dependent Inversions of Slow Slip at the Hikurangi Subduction Zone, New Zealand, Using Numerical Green’s Functions. Charles A WilliamsLaura M WallaceNoel M Bartlow, and Ryan Michael Yohler
T54B-08 Imaging the Sharpness of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB). Shuyang Sun and Ying Zhou.
V53A-01 Modeling Melt Generation and Transport by Integrating Thermodynamic Models in Geodynamic Simulations Using the Community Code ASPECT. Juliane DannbergRene Gassmoeller, and Timo Heister.
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