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2022 AGU Fall Meeting

2022 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2022 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 12

DI13A-01. Exploring the Cascadia slab structure coupling 3D thermomechanical and CPO modeling. Menno Fraters, Magali I Billen, John B Naliboff, Lydia Staisch and Janet Tilden Watt.

S12A-01. An overview of global full-waveform inversion workflow. Andrea Riano Escandon, Ridvan Orsvuran, Armando Espindola-Carmona, Quancheng Huang, Ebru Bozdag, and Daniel B Peter.

S12A-12. Towards "box tomography" of ultra-low velocity zones at the earth’s core-mantle boundary. Chao Lyu, Hengyi Su, Carl Martin, Yder Masson and Barbara Romanowicz.

S12A-13. Waveform Modeling of Seismic Records from MERMAID (the Ultimate Emerging Hardware). Sirawich Pipatprathanporn and Frederik J Simons.

S12E-0186. Amplification of Torsional Ground Motion in 2-D Heterogeneous Elastic Medium. Varun Singla and Ivan Lokmer.

S12F-0197. Poroelastic Faulting in Pylith. Robert Lewis Walker II, Matthew Knepley, Brad Aagaard, Charles A Williams Jr and Shengduo Liu.

S12F-0203A. Numerical Experiment in Small-Angle Scattering: From X-Ray to Seismology. Solymar Ayala Cortez, Aaron A Velasco and Steven H Harder.

S15B-05. Adjoint-State Surface Wave Tomography: Incorporation of Surface Topography and Application in Hawaii. Ping Tong, Shijie Hao and Jing Chen.

T11A-01. A comparison of free-surface numerical simulations of rifting based on ASPECT. Min Seok Jang, Byung-Dal So and Young-Gyun Kim.

T12C-0111. Straight from the Source: Towards Simulation of Dike Injection Governed by Melt Supply in Long-Term Tectonic Models. Daniel King and Eric L Mittelstaedt.

T12E-0127. Effects of Elastic Heterogeneity on Finite Source Inversion: Comparison with Okada Model. Minsu Kim and Byung-Dal So.

T15A-04. Investigating Melt Generation Beneath the Northern Western Branch of the East African Rift System Using 3D Geodynamic Modeling with ASPECT. Asenath Kwagalakwe, D. Sarah Stamps, Emmanuel Atem Njinju, Estella A Atekwana and John Mary Kiberu.

T15E-01613D. Modeling of Dynamics in the Hikurangi-Kermadec Subduction System. Daniel Douglas, John B Naliboff, Menno Fraters, Donna Eberhart-Phillips, Susan M Ellis and Juliane Dannberg.

Tuesday, December 13

DI23A-07. Lithospheric Thermal Models from Seismic Fields. Amanda Leaman, Anthony R Lowry, Derek Schut and Patrick Ball.

DI32B-0013. Magnetic Raynolds number range to sustain dipolar magnetic field in geodynamo simulations with different inner core sizes. Hiroaki Matsui, Yuki Nishida, Masaki Matsushima, Atsushi Kumamoto and Yuto Katoh.

P22E-2118. BALLOON BORNE VENUS SEISMOLOGY : TOWARDS A PRELIMINARY NOISE MODEL. David Mimoun, Raphael F. Garcia, Solène Gérier, Pierre Raynal, Ervan Kassarian, Marie Lou Davezac, Daniel C Bowman, Siddharth Krishnamoorthy, Albert Hertzog and James A Cutta.

P22E-2119. Infrasound from large earthquakes: numerical modeling and analysis of stratospheric records. Solène Gérier, Raphael F. Garcia, Pierre Raynal, Albert Hertzog and Roland Martin.

P26B-06. Modeling earthquake-generated infrasound wavefields on Venus. John Wilding, Leo Martire, Siddharth Krishnamoorthy, James A Cutts, Leah Sabbeth and Jennifer M Jackson.

S22D-0197. Simulation of Strong Ground Motion Data from the 18 March 2020 Mw 5.7 Magna, Utah, Earthquake to Evaluate the Wasatch Front Community Velocity Model (WFCVM). Sean Hutchings, Keith D. Koper and Arben Pitarka.

S25A-02. Implementing Earthquake Cycle Simulations in PyLith. Kali L Allison, Brad Aagaard and Matthew Knepley.

S25A-03. New Features in PyLith Version 3 Including Multiphysics Capabilities and Higher Order Discretizations. Brad Aagaard, Matthew Knepley and Charles A Williams Jr.

T22A-05. Isolating the Thermal Effects of Continental Collision using Dynamic Subduction Models. Valeria Turino and Adam Holt.

T22D-0128. Effect of crustal flow on bivergent metamorphic core complex exhumation and detachment faulting in western Anatolia. Omer Bodur, Oguz Gogus, Dr. Sascha Brune, Ebru Sengul Uluocak, Anne Glerum and Hasan Sözbilir, Dokuz.

T25D-0154. Influence of Farallon Slab Loading on the Intraplate Stress Field of Eastern North America: Implications for Intraplate Seismicity. Erin Hightower, Michael Gurnis, and Wei Mao.

Wednesday, December 14

DI32B-0008. The Depth Dependence of Seismic Scattering in the Inner Core. Ravi Wickramathilake and Vernon F Cormier.

DI32C-0020. Modeling Mechanisms for Trench Parallel Flow in the Cocos-Nazca Subduction System. Bailey Valint and Margarete Ann Jadamec.

DI32C-0028. Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Asthenospheric Flow and Plate Motion in the Boso Triple Junction. Jane Halfhill and Margarete Ann Jadamec.

DI32C-0029. Numerically Modelling Along-strike Rheologic Variations in 3D Subduction Zones. Derek J Neuharth, Whitney M Behr and Adam Holt.

P35F-1925. Synthetic Modeling of Multi-Offset GPR and Seismic Data for Void and Buried Rock Detection on the Moon. John Coonan, Linden Wike, Doyeon Kim, Rebecca R Ghent, Sarah Kruse, Vedran Lekic, Jacob A Richardson and Nicholas C Schmerr.

S35C-03. Toward a Green function database for Global 3-D centroid moment tensor inversions. Lucas Sawade, Liang Ding, Meredith Nettles, Goran Ekstrom, Qinya Liu and Jeroen Tromp.

T32E-0205. Role of the Andean structure in the Post-Seismic Deformation Following the 2014 Mw 8.1 Iquique Earthquake in Chile: New insights from a Finite Element Model Constrained by GNSS and InSAR Data. Juliette Cresseaux, Anne Socquet, Mathilde Radiguet, Marie-Pierre Doin, David Marsan, Mathilde Marchandon, Flora Huiban, Rémi Molaro-Maqua, Marcos Moreno and Gaëlle Deschamps-Huygen.

Thursday, December 15

DI45A-0012. Effects of Core-Mantle Boundary Topography in Lower Mantle Dynamics. Alina Valop and Scott D King.

DI45A-0015. Phase transitions impact variations in layering of convection throughout Earth’s history: Insights from a new entropy method. Ranpeng Li, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, Carolina R Lithgow-Bertelloni and Lars P Stixrude.

DI45C-0041. Changing Patterns in Core-Mantle Boundary Heat Flux Throughout the Past Billion Years of Earth's History. Frederick S Lacombe, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, Courtney Jean Sprain and Daniele Thallner.

S41C-04. Investigation of complex seismic wave propagation in sedimentary basins via 3-D waveform modeling. Yuan Tian, Carl Tape, and Bryant Chow.

S42B-02. Topography Effect on Seismic Waveform Tomography: A Quantitative Study. Kaiyue Zheng, Yi Wang, and Li Zhao.

S46A-023D. High-Frequency Ground Motion Simulations of the Mw6.0, 24 August 2016 Amatrice, Italy Earthquake; validations against observations and ground motion models.
Aybige Akinci, Arben Pitarka, Pietro Artale Harris, Pasquale De Gori and Mauro Buttinelli.

T42C-0139. Numerical Modeling of Transient Crustal Deformation in the Korean Peninsula after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Eunseo Choi, Ryann Lam, Khadija Nadimi and Seok Goo Song.

T43A-03. An Updated Episodic Tremor and Slip Catalog for Cascadia. Noel M Bartlow and Charles A Williams Jr.

T43B-06. Role of surface processes in controlling the evolution of rifting in Ethiopia. Ameha Muluneh, Dr. Sascha Brune, Giacomo Corti and Derek Keir.

T45A-25. Magmatic fluids and upper mantle earthquakes in cratonic rifts: Examples from East Africa. Eduardo Arzabala, Cynthia J Ebinger, Aude Lavayssière, Connor Drooff and Derek Keir.

T45D-0149. Fault zone evolution along complex plate boundaries: A case study from the Eastern California shear zone. George Pharris, John B Naliboff and Veronica Prush.

Friday, December 16

DI53A-03. Do Mantle Plumes Merge? Joseph Lewis-Merrill, Wan Ki Lo, Kavya Agarwa and Carolina R Lithgow-Bertelloni.

DI53A-04. Higher-order Accurate Particle Methods Improve Models of Transient Geodynamic Processes: Benchmarks and Applications. Rene Gassmoeller, Juliane Dannberg, Elbridge Gerry Puckett, Mack Gregory, Cedric Thieulot and Wolfgang Bangerth.

S52E-0093. Where do Underground Explosion Wavefields Fully Transition to Purely Elastic? Carene S Larmat, Zhou Lei, Bryan Euser and Howard J Patton.

S52E-0096.Numerical Modelling of a Meteorite Impact Seismic Source Using the Stress Glut Theory. Marouchka Froment, Philippe Henri Lognonné, Carene S Larmat, Zhou Lei, Esteban Rougier and Taichi Kawamura.

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