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2023 ASPECT Virtual User Meeting

Pacific time Tuesday, January 31                 Wednesday, February 1

1-slide Introductions of participants, Goals, Updates


Keynote: Craton control on sediment-hosted metal deposits, Anne Glerum, German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). Q&A



Updates on ASPECT. Rene Gassmoeller, U. Florida


High-resolution mantle flow models reveal importance of plate boundary geometry and slab pull forces on generating tectonic plate motions. Arushi Saxena, U. Florida

Do Strain-rate Variations Determine Where Deep Earthquakes Occur in Subducting Slabs? Rebecca Fildes, UC Davis


Development and implications of a free base for numerical models. Björn Heyn, University of Oslo

Hotspots located close to lithospheric edges: the case of the Canaries. Ana Negredo, University of Madrid

Trench retreat rates in  narrow subduction zones controlled by overriding plate thickness. Pedro Gea, University of Madrid


30 min break    

Modeling viscoelastic solid earth deformation due to ice age and contemporary glacial mass changes. Maaike Werdesteijn, University of Oslo

Three-dimensionality of Slab Thermal Structure in Dynamic Subduction Models. Valeria Turino, University of South Florida

Modelling mantle exhumation in inverted rift basins. Frank Zwaan, German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ)


Investigating Melt Generation Beneath the Northern Western Branch of the East African Rift (EAR) Using 3D Geodynamic Modeling with ASPECT. Asenath Kwagalakwe, Virginia Tech

How do deep forces from inside the Earth combine with climate and surface processes to shape the landscape. Alireza Bahadori, Columbia University

A Comparison of 3-D Spherical Shell Thermal Convection results at Low to Moderate Rayleigh Number using ASPECT (version 2.2.0) and CitcomS (version 3.3.1). Grant Euen, Virginia Tech


10:45-11:30 Discussion 1 Discussion 2
30 min break    
12:00-12:45 Optional meeting time / Technical help / Model help Optional meeting time / Technical help / Model help
12:45-13:30 Optional meeting time / Technical help / Model help Optional meeting time / Technical help / Model help
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