Parallel Adaptive Mantle Convection Simulation

By Carsten Burstedde1, Omar Ghattas1, Mike Gurnis2, Georg Stadler1, Eh Tan2, Tiankai Tu1, Lucas C. Wilcox1, Shijie Zhong3

1. The University of Texas at Austin 2. California Institute of Technology 3. University of Colorado



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Parallel Adaptive Mantle Convection Simulation. 

September 15-17, 2008. 

Carsten Burstedde. 

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  • Carsten Burstedde; Omar Ghattas; Mike Gurnis; Georg Stadler; Eh Tan; Tiankai Tu; Lucas C. Wilcox; Shijie Zhong (2021), "Parallel Adaptive Mantle Convection Simulation," https://geodynamics.org/resources/1169.

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