2019 Introduction to Quagmire

By Louis Moresi1, Ben Mather2, Romain Beucher1

1. University of Melbourne 2. University of Sydney



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Quagmire is an open source, parallel python module for modelling surface processes and landscape evolution. It comes from the Underworld geodynamics group and has many common design patterns to Underworld. For starters, this is not an out-of-the-box landscape evolution code — it is instead a collection of high level classes that can form parallel triangulations, gradient formation, stream-power calculations, catchment computation, lake detection etc. all of which can be used to write compact landscape codes in python. Quagmire also provides the concept of meshes and mesh variables that we try to make as similar as possible to the comparable concept in Underworld. Quagmire is a work in progress but gradually growing. We would like to encourage people to use the tools and contribute ideas. 

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