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By Richard Albert, Craig O'Neill

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Ellipsis3d is a three-dimensional version of the particle-in-cell finite element code Ellipsis, a solid modeling code for visco-elastoplastic materials. The particle-in-cell method combines the strengths of the Lagrangian and Eulerian formulations of mechanics while bypassing their limitations.

Release Notes

Ellipsis3D-1.0.2.tar.gz [2007-04-18] 

  ellipsis3d with minor portability fixes.


Ellipsis3d originated from CIItcom (CitCom version II), a multigrid mantle convection code developed by Louis Moresi. Subsequently, Chris Wijns contributed user-functionality and miscellaneous back end improvements. Later extensions to include the Cosserat continuum theory were introduced by Frederic Dufour. The two-dimensional version of ellipsis was extended into three dimensions by Richard Albert and Craig O'Neill.