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By Louise Moresi (primary-developer)1, Walter Landry (primary-developer)2, Luke Hodkinson (primary-developer)3, Susan Kientz

1. Monash University 2. California Institute of Technology 3. VPAC

Development Version

git clone --recursive


Issue Tracker


The code was originally developed by the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC) and Louis Moresi's group at Monash University. Walter Landry of CIG and Luke Hodkinson of VPAC have enhanced the code to satisfy the requirements of the long-term tectonics community. Roger Buck, Gus Correa, Robert Bialas, Guillaume Duclaux, John Sheehan, Garrett Ito, Noah Fay, Neil de Laplante, Matthieu Quinquis, Patrice Rey, Lara O'Dwyer, Louise Kellogg, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Leonardo Da Cruz, Jolante Van Wijk, Tristan Salles, Mark Fleharty, Taichi Sato, and Lester Anderson provided valuable user testing.