Geodynamic World Builder

By Menno Fraters (primary-developer)

University of Florida

Published on


The Geodynamic World Builder (GWB) is an open source code library intended to set up initial conditions for computational geodynamic models and/or visualize complex 3D tectonic settings in both cartesian and spherical geometries. The inputs for the JSON-style parameter file are not mathematical, but rather a structured nested list describing tectonic features, e.g., a continental, an oceanic or a subducting plate. Each of these tectonic features can be assigned a specific temperature profile (e.g. plate model) or composition label (e.g., uniform). For each point in space, the GWB can return the composition and/or temperature. It is written in C++, but can be used in almost any language through its C and Fortran wrappers. Various examples of 2D and 3D subduction settings are presented.

For more information see the GWB site, see the automatically generated extensive online User Manual or the automatically generated code documentation.

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Funding support has been provided by Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), CIG, and the National Science Foundation (NSF).


The following have contributed to the development of the Geodynamic World Builder: Wolfgang Bangerth, Magali Billen, Rebecca Fildes, Rene Gassmoeller, Timo Heister, Haoyuan Li, Chris Mills, Arushi Saxena, Wim Spakman and Cedric Thieulot.