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By Eunseo Choi (primary-developer)

Colorado State University

Published on


Updated Lagrangian explicit finite difference code for modeling a finitely deforming elasto-visco-plastic solid in 3D.

In SNAC, nodal velocities satisfying a weak-form of the momentum balance are obtained as the nodal solution. SNAC shares a mathematical foundation, and thus major advantages, with a standard finite element method (FEM). However, it departs from the FEM by not making explicit use of shape functions.

Release Notes

version 1.2

In version 1.2, the base algorithm for remeshing has been changed and, as a result, remeshing in SNAC has become more stable. Now SNAC can run for an extended period of time. On the users' end, there is no visible change; input files for the previous version can be used without modification.

Sponsored by

SNAC development is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Advanced Simulation and Computing program and the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Information Technology Research (ITR) program 0205653 and NSF EAR-0406751