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By Dimitri Komatitsch (primary-developer)1, ean-Pierre Vilotte (primary-developer)2, Jeroen Tromp (primary-developer)3, SPECFEM Development Team

1. CNRS, France 2. Institut de Physique du Globe 3. Princeton University, USA

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We use SPECFEM3D GLOBE FROM SOURCE ( Komatitsch and Tromp, 2002; Komatitsch and Tromp, 2002; Komatitsch et al., 9999) published under the GPL 3 license.


We thank the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics ( which is funded by the National Science Foundation under awards EAR-0949446 and EAR-1550901.

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Komatitsch, D.; Vilotte, J.-P.; Tromp, J.; Afanasiev, M.; Bozdag, E.; Charles, J.; Chen, M.; Goddeke, D.; Hjorleifsdottir, V.; Labarta, J.; Le Goff, N.; Le Loher, P.; Liu, Q.; Maggi, A.; Martin, R.; McRitchie, D.; Messmer, P.; Michea, D.; Nissen-Meyer, T.; Peter, D.; Rietmann, M.; de Andrade, S.; Savage, B.; Schuberth, B.; Siemenski, A.; Strand, L.; Tape, C.; Xie, Z.; Zhu, H. (9999), SPECFEM3D GLOBE [software], Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, doi: GITHASH8, url:

Primary References

Komatitsch, D.; Tromp, J. (2002a), Spectral-element simulations of global seismic wave propagation-I. Validation, Geophysical Journal International, 149 (2) , 390-412, doi: 10.1046/j.1365-246X.2002.01653.x, url:

Komatitsch, D.; Tromp, J. (2002b), Spectral-element simulations of global seismic wave propagation–II. Three-dimensional models, oceans, rotation and self-gravitation, Geophysical Journal International, 150 (1) , 303-318.

Secondary References

If you use GPU graphics card acceleration, please cite at least one of the following:

If you use this new version, which has non blocking MPI for much better performance for medium or large runs, please cite at least one of these five articles, in which results of 3D non blocking MPI runs are presented:

If you work on geophysical applications, you may be interested in citing some of these application articles as well, among others:

If you are not using a regular release, that is you have cloned from master on the github repository, we recommend that you make the following changes to the citation reference:

  • substitute the download year, YYYY, for 9999
  • substitute the git short hash for the doi: git: GITHASH8
  • append the download date: downloaded on DD MON YYYY


For previous versions, please substitute the appropriate version number and year above.

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