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By N. Anders Petersson1, Bjorn Sjögreen1, Houjun Tang2, Ramesh Pankajakshan1

1. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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We use SW4 3.0 ( Sjögreen and Petersson, 2012; Petersson and Sjögreen, 2012; Petersson and Sjögreen, 2017; Petersson and Sjögreen, 2015; Petersson and Sjögreen, 2023; Zhang et al., 2021) published under the GPL 2 license.


We thank the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics ( which is funded by the National Science Foundation under awards EAR-0949446, 1550901 and 2149126.

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Petersson, N. Anders, Sjogreen, Bjorn, Tang, Houjun, & Pankajakshan, Ramesh. (2023, September 6). geodynamics/sw4: SW4, version 3.0 (Version v3.0). Zenodo.

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