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  1. Nov 28 2007

    2007 NSF Reverse Site Visit

    Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Geophysics Presentation by Michael Gurnis (Caltech) and Omar Ghattas (U Texas, Austin) [PDF; 19MB].CIG Visit to the NSF Presentation by...

  2. Oct 24 2007

    2007 AMR Tutorial Workshop

    In order to jump-start development on a new generation of AMR-enabled geodynamics codes, CIG's Science Steering Committee hosted a tutorial workshop on Oct 24-27 in Boulder, CO, devoted to the...

  3. Oct 09 2007

    2007 CIG/SPICE/IRIS Workshop in Computational Seismology

    The CIG/SPICE/IRIS Seismology Workshop was held October 9-11, 2007, in Jackson, NH, at the Eagle Mountain House. It was a joint meeting between European and American Seismologists to discuss...

  4. Jun 25 2007

    2007 Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Studies

    The focus of this gathering was on computational models addressing the seismic cycle across single and multiple events. The workshop blended science talks on case studies from particular faulting...