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  1. Feb 05 2015

    2015 Geodynamo Benchmarking Workshop

    The 2015 Geodynamo Benchmarking Workshop follows-up on the recommendations from the highly successful 2012 Geodynamo Developer meetings.  Hosted at NCAR, the 2015 workshop will discuss the...

  2. Oct 07 2012

    2012 Geodynamo Developer Meeting

    Agenda focused on strategic goals needed for improvement of current geodynamo codes, and development of possible 2nd generation geodynamo codes.

  3. Oct 24 2007

    2007 AMR Tutorial Workshop

    In order to jump-start development on a new generation of AMR-enabled geodynamics codes, CIG's Science Steering Committee hosted a tutorial workshop on Oct 24-27 in Boulder, CO, devoted to the...

  4. Jun 18 2005

    2005 Mantle Convection Workshop

    The mantle convection workshop was held in Boulder, Colorado from June 19 to 23. About 26 graduate students and 39 geodynamicists and computational scientists attended the workshop. The morning...