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  1. Calypso

    22 Oct 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Hiroaki Matsui (primary-developer)

    Calypso is a set of codes for magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) dynamo simulation in a rotating spherical shell using spherical harmonics expansion methods.Solve MHD equations in a rotating spherical shellTreat conductive fluid with Boussinesq approximationInner core can have...

  2. Aug 01 2014

    2014 ELSI Summer School

    The 2014 ELSI Summer School will be held August 2nd and 3rd in the ELSI building on the Tokyo Tech campus to provide hands-on tutorials of computational tools related to planetary formation and...

  3. Jul 06 2014

    2014 CIDER

    CIDER 2014 Summer Program -"Dynamics of Planetary Interiors "This workshop was hosted by the Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER). Complete workshop information maybe...