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  1. Jun 10 2018

    2018 CIG Mantle Convection and Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop

    This workshop is the second joint meeting with the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) intended to bring together researchers who study the dynamics of the Earth’s mantle and lithosphere through...

  2. Oct 08 2011

    2011 GALE/Underworld Tutorial at GSA

    GALE/Underworld Tutorial at GSAThere will be a Gale/Underworld tutorial to be held at the GSA 2011 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, on Saturday, October 8th, 2011. Instructors will be Walter...

  3. May 17 2011

    2011 PyLith and GALE Tutorials at Earthscope

    CIG will be sponsoring two pre-meeting workshops on May 17th as part of the Earthscope National Meeting in Austin, TX.These two pre-meeting workshops will focus on training in the use of two...

  4. Aug 04 2009

    2009 Gale Developer Meeting

    Two-day training session and discussion on future direction of Gale.