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2006 Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities at the Interfaces of Scientific Computing and Computational Geodynamics


Name   Institution     Research interests Presentation Topic      
Scott King   Purdue University     mantle dynamics, gfd, sparse matrix solvers, yes Mantle Dynamics Calculations on the BlueGene and other Large Parallel Systems      
Luc Lavier   UT Austin Institute for Geophysics     long term geodynamics          
Xiaoye Sherry Li   Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory     parallel sparse matrix algorithms          
Brad Aagaard   U.S. Geological Survey     earthquake physics          
Omar Ghattas   University of Texas at Austin     Parallel numerical algorithms, inverse problems, computational geosciences          
Abani K. Patra   Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo, SUNY     Adaptive Methods, Parallel Numerical Schemes, Computational Infrastructure, Applications to Geophysical Mass Flows          
Tiankai Tu   Carnegie Mellon University     Scalable parallel algorithms and software systems, computational database systems          
Carl W. Gable   Los Alamos National Laboratory     mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics, computational continuum mechanics          
Philip Maechling   Southern California Earthquake Center     scientific workflows, dynamic rupture simulations, earthquake wave propagation simulations          
Mark Simons   Caltech Seismo Lab     Geodesy; satellite based radar          
Dale Sawyer   Rice University, Dept. of Earth Science     Large deformation of Continental Lithosphere          
Qingsong Li   Lunar and Planetary Institute     long-term crustal dynamics and mantle convection          
Shijie Zhong   University of Colorado     Geodynamics          
Peter van Keken   University of Michigan     Mantle convection          
Robin Reichlin   National Science Foundation     Geophysics          
Peter Olson   Johns Hopkins University     Geodynamics          
Wolfgang Bangerth   Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University     Adaptive meshing, finite element software, imaging          
Bill Appelbe   VPAC     Software Engineering          
Laurent G.J. Montesi   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution     Geodynamics model: ductile shear zones, magma migration          
Charles A Williams   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute     Modeling of problems in short-term crustal dynamics, and development of computer codes for this type of modeling.          
Jeroen Tromp   California Institute of Technology - Seismological Laboratory     Seismology          
Matthew Knepley   Argonne National Laboratory     PDE Simulation          
Mark Turner   California Institute of Technology     Computational Geophysics          
Rob Falgout   Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory     Multigrid Methods          
Benchun Duan   San Diego State University     Earthquake dynamic rupture simulation          
Michael Gurnis   Caltech     Geodynamics          
Mark Richards   University of California, Berkeley     mantle convection, magmatism, tectonics          
sandy kurniawan suhardja   univ of texas at austin     seismology, geodynamic,          
Ting Yang   University of Texas at Austin     Seismology          
Eh Tan   Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamcis     Mantle convection          
Wei Mi   CIG     Geodynamo          
Walter Landry   CIG     Long Term Tectonics          
Luis Armendariz   Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics     Finite Elements          
Claudio T. Silva   University of Utah     Scientific Visualization, Scientific Data Management, Computational Geometry          
Eun-seo Choi   California Institute of Technology     Long-term tectonic modeling          
Attreyee Ghosh   Stony Brook University     Geodynamics          
Christopher R Sine   Jackson School of Geosciences     Seismology          
Yoshihiro Kaneko   Caltech     fault mechanics, earthquake dynamics, numerical modeling          
Mousumi Roy   University of New Mexico     Tectonics and modeling of lithospheric deformation          
Paresh Patel   Dept. of Geology, UT, Austin     flat slab subduction          
Nathan Simmons   Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin     Global Seismology and Geodynamics          
Jiangning Lu   MIT     Computational modeling of Crustal deformation          
Luke Hodkinson   VPAC     Computational geodynamics          
Steven Owen   Sandia National Laboratory     Meshing and Geometry          
David Coblentz   Los Alamos National Lab     Geodynamics, 3-d Geologic Model Fabrication          
Roscoe Bartlett   Department of Optimization and Uncertainty Estimation     Large-Scale Constrained Optimization, Object-Oriented Scientific Computing          
Dave Wilson   Univ. of Texas     Seismology          
Lindsay Lowe   University of Texas, Jackson School of Geosciences     geophysics, tectonics          
Mrinal Sen   University of Texas at Austin     Seismic wave propagation, inverse problems          
Sergey Fomel   UT     computational geophysics          
Carsten Burstedde   ICES     Computational Geoscience          
Abhijit Gangopadhyay   Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin     Seismology and Tectonics, Numerical Modeling, Waveform Modeling and Inversion          
Lawrence Lawver   Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin     Plate Tectonics          
Shan Yang   CAM phd students, UT     computational Geosciences          
Pearl Flath   ICES     Optimization          
Jennifer Dieringer   University of Texas at Austin     optimization, inverse problems          
Barry Smith   Argonne National Laboratory     numerical analysis, scientific computating, numerical simulation          
Moritz Heimpel   University of Alberta     Geodynamics, Planetary dynamics          
Marc Spiegelman   Columbia University     Magma Dynamics          
John N Shadid   Sandia National Laboratories     Solution methods for nonlinear coupled PDEs, CFD, MHD, Newton-Krylov Methods, multi-level methods          
Georg Stadler   ICES     inverse problems, optimization          
Bill Barth   The Texas Advanced Computing Center (UT Austin)     Computational Fluid Dynamics          
Lucas Wilcox   ICES     Scientific Computing          
Seong-Won Na   UT Austin     Inverse problems, Seismic wave propagation          



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