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2021 SMOREs

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Members of the geodynamics community come from a broad range of fields. Many of these fields are among the least diverse in STEM. The challenges for computational geodynamics are not only to increase competency in earth and computational science but also in recruiting from an undergraduate student pool that in itself lacks diversity. The CIG Summer MOdeling Research Experiences (SMOREs) program will focus on addressing these issues by providing underrepresented groups funded training and research opportunities.

In detail, the SMOREs program provides training and research opportunities in computational geodynamics, with research projects focused on numerical modeling of tectonic processes on Earth and other planets within our solar system. The training and research projects involve a wide range of disciplines and skill sets, including advanced data analysis, best practices in programming, designing simulations to test  hypotheses, statistical model validation,  and use of high-performance computing resources.  Combined, these tools will be used to address such fundamental questions as “What controls deformation at tectonic plate boundaries?”,  “How does magma move and evolve within tectonic plates?”, and “How is convection within extraterrestrial planets different from Earth?”.

The program will kick-off with two weeks of virtual tutorials. The first week will introduce participants to geodynamics processes and the fundamentals of programming in python. The second week will introduce participants to the fundamental methods used in geodynamic modeling, including advanced data analysis with python, plotting geographic data, version control, and use of geodynamic software on high-performance computing resources. The second week will be open to both graduate students, postdocs, and internship participants. See separate event website for more information.

Participants will present their research at the end of the summer and have the opportunity to present at the annual Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Application Opens: March 3, 2021
Application Closes: April 5, 2021 CLOSED
Notification of Acceptance Begins: May 1, 2021 IN PROGRESS

When: Monday 21 June, 2021 12:00 am PDT - Friday 20 August, 2021 11:59 pm PDT
Where: multiple locations
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