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2022 ASPECT Hackathon

Category: Hackathon

Dates: May 15-24, 2022
Location: Cody, Wyoming

To further the development of the mantle convection code ASPECT and its user community, current users and developers of ASPECT will be working side-by-side over an approximately 9 day period. Participants will make significant progress on the development of ASPECT itself, focussing on developing features and code maintenance that address the needs of the larger community.

Due to COVID-19 and the layout of the venue, we will be able to accommodate fewer participants than previous years. The 2022 hackathon will focus more on the development of foundational features and the core of ASPECT, and less on supporting individual models and simulations as we have in the past. Consequently, applicants should have intermediate to advanced experience in the development of ASPECT. 

Applicants are expected to follow UC Davis COVID-19 protocols for the event.

Applications Open: February 22, 2022
Applications Closes: March 31, 2022 CLOSED
Notification of Acceptance Begins:  April 1, 2022
Limit: 16 participants

Please read through all event details before beginning the application process.

All participants are expected to abide by the CIG Code of Conduct and event COVID-19 protocols.

Apply to attend [application] CLOSED


Wolfgang Bangerth, Colorado State University
Juliane Dannberg, University of Florida
Menno Fraters, UC Davis
Rene Gassmoeller, University of Florida
Anne Glerum, GFZ Potsdam
Timo Heister, Clemson University
Lorraine Hwang, UC Davis
Bob Myhill, University of Bristol
John Naliboff,  New Mexico Tech

Hackathon Report [pdf]

When: Sunday 15 May, 2022 8:00 am PDT - Tuesday 24 May, 2022 5:00 pm PDT
Where: Cody, Wyoming
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