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By Tarje Nissen-Meyer (primary-developer)1, Martin van Driel (primary-developer)2, Simon Stähler (primary-developer)3, Kasra Hosseini (primary-developer)3, Stefanie Hempel (primary-developer)4, Lion Krischer (primary-developer)2, Alexandre Fournier (primary-developer)5

1. Oxford University 2. ETH Zurich 3. LMU München 4. Universität Münster 5. IPG Paris

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We use AxiSEM 1.3 ( Nissen-Meyer et al., 2014; Nissen-Meyer et al., 2016) published under the GPL3 license.

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Nissen-Meyer, T.; Fournier, A.; van Driel, M.; Stähler, S.;Hempel, S.;Hosseini, K.; Ampuero, J.-P.; Chaljub, E.; Colombi, A.; Dahlen, F.A.; Komatitsch, D.;Nolet, G.; Tromp, J. (2016), AxiSEM v1.3 [software], Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, url:

Primary References

Nissen-Meyer, T.; van Driel, M.; Stähler, S.C.; Hosseini, K.; Hempel, S.; Auer, L.; Colombi, A.; Fournier, A. (2014), AxiSEM: broadband 3-D seismic wavefields in axisymmetric media, Solid Earth, 5 (1) , 425-445, doi: 10.5194/se-5-425-2014, url:

Secondary References

If the basic idea of an axisymmetric decomposition of the wavefield is used, please cite:

If Instaseis is used, the following paper, please cite:


For previous versions, Primary References, Secondary References, and Acknowledgements are the same as above.  For all other fields, please substitute the relevant version number and year where appropriate.

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