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By Louis Moresi, Shijie Zong, Lijie Han, Clint Conrad, Eh Tan, Michael Gurnis, Eun-seo Choi, Pururav Thoutireddy, Vlad Manea, Allen McNamara, Thorsten Becker, Wei Leng, Luis Armendariz

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CitcomS is a finite element code designed to solve compressible thermochemical convection problems relevant to Earth's mantle.

Release Notes

CitcomS-3.3.1.tar.gz [2014-11-19] 

This version of CitcomS removes the Python related code and adds several features to improve usability and stability. New features/changes include: removed Python sections of CitcomS, wrote Python to standard parameter file conversion tool (Py2C), converted Python cookbooks parameter files to original style parameter files, added output of parameters to a pidXXXXXX style file, updated the manual to correspond to the new changes