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By Guy Masters (primary-developer)1, John Woodhouse (primary-developer)2, Freeman Gilbert (primary-developer)3, Michael Ritzwoller (primary-developer)1, Misha Barmine1, Sue Kientz4

1. University of Colorado at Boulder 2. Harvard University 3. University of California, San Diego 4. Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, Caltech

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Mineos computes synthetic seismograms in a spherically symmetric non-rotating Earth by summing normal modes.

Attenuation, gravity and transversal anisotropy effects may be optionally taken into account. The package computes mode eigenfrequencies and eigenfunctions, Green's functions and synthetic seismograms for sources with a moment tensor defined in time as a step-function.

Release Notes

mineos-1.0.2.tgz [2011-07-06] 

  Latest release.