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  1. CIG Bylaws 2006

    16 Dec 2020 | Document | Contributor(s):

    By Staff Staff

    University of California Davis

    Bylaws of the organization amended by the electorate on December 12, 2006.

  2. Oct 31 2006

    2006 Earthscope Imaging Science/CIG Seismology Joint Workshop on Computational Seismology

    This workshop presented theory, documentation and hands-on exposure to several programs of forward modeling and direct imaging methods for teleseismic data. Because forward modeling is an essential...

  3. Oct 16 2006

    2006 Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities at the Interfaces of Scientific Computing and Computational Geodynamics

    This two-day workshop held at the University of Texas at Austin on October 16-17, 2006, brought together computational geodynamicists and scientific computing experts to identify and assess...

  4. Aug 18 2006

    2006 CIG Magma Migration Workshop

    CIG Workshop on Computational Magma DynamicsMantle melting and melt transport are fundamental processes that are essential for understanding the dynamics of plate boundaries as well as the...

  5. Mar 27 2006

    2006 Purdue Workshop for Compressible Mantle Convection

    One of the primary projects that were identified at the 2005 Boulder mantle workshop for the CIG to help our mantle convection community was the development of modeling software for compressible...

  6. Feb 26 2006

    2006 NSF SIte Visit