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  1. 2020 Numerical models of lower crustal flow explain Yellowstone's "tectonic parabola"

    07 Oct 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Jonathan Perry-Houts

    Several hypotheses exist for the origin of the seismically active region of high topography surrounding the Yellowstone hotspot track. Among these is the idea that a dense mid-crustal sill has driven viscous lower crust away from the hotspot track, producing crustal thinning/subsidence in the...

  2. CIG Logos

    19 Dec 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Janice Fong

    CIG main stacked logos.  Find all variants here. Do: Use to in presentations to acknowledge use of CIG community codeUse to link from co-sponsored workshops or projectsUse in a blog post or news article about CIGDo Not:Create a modified...

  3. Nov 30 2020

    2020 AGU Week

    AGU Fall Meeting1-17 December 2020 Abstract Information: Deadline:  July 29, 2020AGU Full Scientific...

  4. Aug 02 2020

    2020 ASPECT Hackathon

    To further the development of the mantle convection code ASPECT and its user community, current users and developers of ASPECT will be working side-by-side over 10 days. Participants will make...

  5. Jul 20 2020

    2020 Tectonics Modeling Tutorial

    The 2020 CIG Tectonics Modeling Tutorial will provide an opportunity for both new and experienced modelers to receive hands-on training on the fundamentals of long-term tectonic modeling. The...

  6. Jul 07 2020

    2020 Tectonics Community Science Workshop

    The 2020 CIG Tectonics Community Science Workshop will bring together the international observational, experimental, and computational lithospheric dynamics community to virtually engage in focused...

  7. Jun 06 2020

    2020 PyLith Hackathon

    To further the development of the crustal deformation modeling code PyLith and its user community, current users and developers of PyLith will be working side-by-side over an approximately 5...

  8. May 31 2020

    2020 GNSS Tsunami Early Warning - II

    We are currently organizing a workshop in Sendai, Japan from June 1-5, 2020, to develop an implementation plan for a future Global Navigation Satellite System Tsunami Early Warning System...

  9. May 14 2020

    2020 Discovering and addressing social challenges during the evolution of scientific software projects

    Rene Gassmoeller, CIG UC DavisIn the last decade geodynamic software projects have increasingly incorporated state-of-the-art technical best practices like version control, documentation,...

  10. May 02 2020

    2020 CGU CIG Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop

    This workshop is the third joint meeting with the Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) intended to bring together researchers who study the dynamics of the Earth’s mantle and lithosphere through...

  11. Apr 16 2020

    2020 Geodynamic inversion: Methods to link models with data & how that helps to obtain insights in the physics and rheology of the lithosphere

    Boris Kaus, Tobias Baumann, Georg Reuber, and Anton Popov; Institute of Geosciences, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz[All 2019-20 webinars] [YouTube]

  12. Feb 27 2020

    2020 Seismic data and data products to motivate, guide, and test geodynamic models of the lithosphere and upper mantle

    Brandon Schmandt, University of New MexicoObservational seismic data and data products are among the major sources of information about structure and multi-scale deformation in the lithosphere...

  13. Jan 21 2020

    2020 ASPECT User Workshop

    The Virtual ASPECT User Workshop will be an opportunity for all users to gather virtually to share and discuss their work and the future of the code.  The workshop will feature keynote talks...