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2023 AGU

Monday, December 11

C11B-02. Rapid Earth uplift in southeast Greenland driven by recent ice melt above low-viscosity upper mantle. Maaike F.M. Weerdesteijn and Clinton P Conrad.

C11B-03. Influence of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on Intraplate Fault Reactivation in Eastern North America in the Presence of Lithospheric Heterogeneity and Pre-existing Weakzones. Erin Hightower and Michael Gurnis.

C13E-1181. The Effects of 3D Lithospheric Viscosity and Asthenosphere on GIA-induced Present-day Crustal Motion As Revealed by CitcomSVE -- the Publicly Available Software Package for Modeling Deformation of the Earth’s Mantle with Compressibility. Tao Yuan, Shijie Zhong, and Geruo A.

DI12A-03. Effect of Lateral Viscosity Variations in the Mantle on Earth’s Long-Wavelength Dynamic Topography and Free-Air Gravity. Clinton Conrad and Florence Ramirez.

DI13A-01. Persistent heterogeneities in the oceanic lithosphere due to differential freezing beneath ridges. Shi Joyce Sim, Ting-Ying Yu and Christopher Havlin.

DI31A-07. Continental Heterogeneity and the Evolution of Continental Margin Topography at Subduction Zones.  Antoniete Greta Grima and Thorsten W Becker.

DI13B-0043. Consistent Integration of Thermodynamics and Geodynamics using ThermoCodegen. Marc W Spiegelman, Cian R Wilson, Owen Evans, Mark S Ghiorso, and Lucy E L Tweed.

G11B-0431. Vertical Displacements in Eastern North America Driven by Glacial Isostatic: an Ensemble Modeling Approach. Karen Williams, D. Sarah Stamps, Giorgio Spada and Daniele Melini.

P11C-2726. Preparation for the Farside Seismic Suite: Seismic Propagation on the Moon. Ceri Nunn, Benjamin Fernando, Sharon Kedar and Mark P Panning.

P11D-2755. Physics-Based Ground Motion Simulations to Study the Far Side Seismic Characteristics of the Moon. Sreejaya Kizhaekke Pakkathillam, Philippe Henri Lognonné, Taichi Kawamura, Taoufik Gabsi and Mark P Panning.

S11B-02. Ambient Noise Adjoint Tomography of Northern Alaska. Bryant Chow and Carl Tape.

S11C-0284. Imaging upper-mantle P-wave velocity and azimuthal anisotropy structures using Pn waveform tomography. Xueyang Bao, Bing Lu, Yao-Chong SUN and Wei Zhang.

S11D-0290. Breaking Adria and Southern Italy: adjoint tomography of an intricate lithosphere. Emanuele Casarotti, Federica Magnoni, Raffaele Di Stefano, maria Grazia Ciaccio.

S11D-0292. Deeper into the Yellowstone Mantle Plume: Insights from Full-Waveform based Box Tomography. Utpal Kumar, Chao Lyu, Federico Daniel Munch, and Barbara A Romanowicz.

S13A-02. Short-term Temporal Stability of Teleseismic P-wave Cross-correlations during the Transit of a Single Microseism Event. Lisa Tomasetto, Pierre Boué, and Laurent Stehly.

S13B-05. Finite-element modeling of intermittent dynamic rupture in fault gouge using rate-and-state friction with flash heating. Shengduo Liu, Nadia Lapusta, Vito Rubino and Ares Rosakis.

S13C-03593D. Dynamic Rupture Modelling of the Mw7.8 Kahramanmaras Earthquake. Yasemin Korkusuz Ozturk, Nurcan Meral Ozel, Ali Ozgun Konca, Jean-Paul Ampuero,  Sophia Antipolis, Elif Oral, and Fatih Turhan.

T11A-04. The Role of Pre-Existing Structures in the Initiation of the Northern Western Branch of the East African Rift System. Asenath Kwagalakwe, D. Sarah Stamps, John B Naliboff, Michael H Taylor, Tahiry Andriantsoa Andriantsoa Rajaonarison, Rob L Evans, Estella A Atekwana, Andrew B Katumwehe, Eliot A Atekwana, Fred Tugume and John Mary Kiberu.

T11A-08. Detachment Fault Linkage During Continental Necking, the Northern Margin of the South China Sea. Mohamed Gouiza and Hongdan Deng.

T11B-0163. Applications of 3D Regional Geodynamic Modeling with ASPECT to Rifting in East Africa. D. Sarah Stamps, Tahiry Andriantsoa Andriantsoa Rajaonarison, Emmanuel Atem Njinju and Asenath Kwagalakwe. [Board 0163]

T11B-0164. Linkage between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden rifts in central Afar: A 3D numerical modeling approach. Ameha Muluneh, Dr. Sascha Brune, Derek Keir, Kidane Birke, Carolina Pagli, Giacomo Corti, and Alessandro La Rosa.

T11B-0170. Effects of rift obliquity on strain localization and rift segmentation. Liang Xue, Robert Moucha, and Christopher A Scholz.

T11B-0172. Modeling Multi-phase Rifting as an Evolving Balance between Internal Structure of Lithosphere and Driving Forces. Kuruvitage Chameera Silva, Sungho Lee, and Eunseo Choi.

T11B-0174. The interaction of lithosphere and intrusion mantle flow induce by rift propagation. Min Seok Jang and Byung-Dal So.

T13B-02. Influence of Farallon Slab Loading on Intraplate Stress and Seismicity in Eastern North America in the Presence of Pre-existing Weakzones. Erin Hightower and Michael Gurnis.

T13C-0237. Investigating Volcano-Tectonic Interactions of the Natron Rift using 3D Numerical Modeling and Geodesy. Ntambila Simon Daud Masungulwa, D. Sarah Stamps, Brad Aagaard, Elifuraha Saria, Kang Hyeun Ji, and Mong-Han Huang.

T14A-04A. Catalog of Slow Slip Events at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand, from 2006 to 2016. Charles A Williams Jr, Laura M Wallace, Noel M Bartlow Jackson, and Alan John Haines.

Tuesday, December 12

DI21C-0017. Exploring the structure of the Cascadia Subduction Zone by coupling 3D thermomechanical modeling and CPO evolution with observations. Menno Fraters, Magali I Billen, John B Naliboff, Lydia Staisch, and Janet Tilden Watt.

DI21C-00193D. Numerical Simulations of the Convergent Double Opposite Subduction in the Caribbean Plate During the Last 65 Million Years. Andrés David Bayona and Vlad Constantin Manea.

DI23A-08. Thermal Structure of the Subducting Slab and Mantle Wedge in 2D Dynamic Models of Subduction. Magali I Billen.

MR21A-08. Understanding Sub-Lithospheric Small-Scale Convection By Linking Models Of Grain Size Evolution, Mantle Convection and Seismic Tomography. Juliane Dannberg, Zachary Eilon, Joshua B Russell and Rene Gassmoeller.

S21C-0316. Simulated and observed ground motions from earthquakes on the central Calaveras Fault, Northern California. Evan Hirakawa, Grace Alexandra Parker, Annemarie Baltay and Kyle Withers.

S22A-05. Adjoint inversion of antipodal PKPab waveforms for P wave velocity anomaly at the base of lower mantle. Seiji Tsuboi and Rhett Butler.

S23A-01. Enhancing Models of Vibrational Relaxation in Supercritical Atmospheres: Application to Venus and Seismoacoustic Couplings for the Prospect of Aerial Seismology. Solène Gérier, Léo Martire, Siddharth Krishnamoorthy, Andi Petculescu, John Wilding and Jennifer M Jackson.

T23D-0284. Reactive Thermodynamics of Crustal Foundering. Mitchell McMillan, Shi Joyce Sim and Cian R Wilson.

T31G-0281. Validating Geodynamic Models of Segmentation Behavior Along the Alamogordo Fault, Central New Mexico, With New Remote Sensing and Field-based Datasets. George Pharris, Veronica Prush, and John B Naliboff.

Wednesday, December 13

DI31A-07. Continental Heterogeneity and the Evolution of Continental Margin Topography at Subduction Zones. Antoniette Greta Griam, Thorsten Becker.

DI31A-08. From Data to Dynamics: Integration of Geophysical Constraints in Global Mantle Circulation Models. Arushi Saxena, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller and Menno Fraters.

DI32A-03. Linking Timescales of Subducting Slab Evolution: Long-term Slab Deformation and How it Relates to the Spatial Distribution of Deep Earthquakes.  Rebecca Fildes and Magali Billen.

DI33A-0024. Comparisons between tidal deformation modeling from the semi-analytical ALMA3 and the finite element CitcomSVE. Agnes Fienga, Arthur Briaud, Shijie Zhong, and Anthony Mémin.

IN31E-0703. Reimagining the VirtualQuake Model: Utilization of stress point sources for broader flexibility and application, including inter-fault seismic interactions and fluid injection. Spence Norwood and John B Rundle.

NH33A-04. Nowcasting Earthquakes with QuakeGPT: An AI-Enhanced Earthquake Generative Pretrained Transformer. John B Rundle, Geoffrey Fox, James Crutchfield, Andrea Donnellan, and Lisa Grant Ludwig.

S31B-01. Adjoint wavefield tomography for the Longmenshan Fault Zone region. Kaiyue Zheng, Yi Wang and Li Zhao.

S33C-07. The Fate of Primordial Mid-Mantle Heterogeneities and Their Synthetic Seismic Signal. Matteo Desiderio, Anna Gulcher and Maxim Ballmer.

Thursday, December 14

DI41B-0014. Exploring Mantle Convection Styles through Earth's History: The Role of Phase Transitions. Ranpeng Li, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, Carolina R Lithgow-Bertelloni and Lars P Stixrude.

DI41B-0015. Rheological Memory in Plate-like Mantle Convection with Continents. Lukas Fuchs, Thorsten W Becker, and Thibault Duretz.

DI41B-0016. The Influence of Plate Cooling Models and Convection on Early Earth Mid-Ocean Ridge Depths. Shradhanjli Ravikumar, Keneni Godana and Shi Joyce Sim.

DI43C-0055.Investigating lowermost mantle anisotropy near Australia using a beamforming approach. Ella Xu, Jonathan Wolf, Daniel Andrew Frost, and Maureen D Long.

DI43C-0060. Shear Wave Splitting Characteristics of Aligned Partial Melt Configurations in Subduction Zone Settings. Eric Loeberich, Jonathan Wolf, and Maureen D Long.

ED43B-04. Empowering Future Geoscientists through Quantitative Computational Skills in Geodynamics. Mohamed Gouiza, Lorraine Hwang, and Rene Gassmoeller.

T41A-04. Lithospheric Drips Driving Topographic Evolution in Orogenic Plateaus with insights from Analogue and Numerical Models. Julia Andersen, Oguz Gogus, Russell Pysklywec, Ebru Sengul Uluocak and Tasca Noela Santimano.

T41D-0267. The influence of eclogitization in subduction: enhanced slab pull versus subduction interface jamming. Ana Carolina Mauricio Gomes, Derek J Neuharth, Whitney Behr and Adam Holt.

T41D-0274. Exploring Deep Slab-Deformation Processes Behind Potential Precursory Signals Preceding Large Subduction Zone Earthquakes. Isis Lemus, Curtis William Baden,  Kristel Chanard, Lei Wang, and Roland Burgmann.

Friday, December 15

DI51B-0001. Effect of Dual-Insulators on Mantle Dynamics and Earth’s Thermal Evolution. Hadeel Al Harthi, Catherine M Cooper, Eric L Mittelstaedt, and Dante Hickey.

DI51B-0006. Connecting Earth's Mantle and Core: Modeling Heterogeneous Core-Mantle Boundary Heat Flux over Time. Rene Gassmoeller, Daniele Thallner, Frederick S Lacombe, Chloe Ritchie, Juliane Dannberg and Courtney Jean Sprain.

DI53A-02. Detection of Pdiff Postcursors caused by the Hawaii Mega-ULVZ. Lisanne Jagt, Florian Millet, Carl Martin and Sanne Cottaar.

S51F-0272. Unraveling Induced Seismicity in the lower crust and upper mantle. Eduardo Arzabala, Cynthia J Ebinger, Aude Lavayssière, and Finnigan Illsley-Kemp.

S53E-0325. Effect of In-situ Stresses on the Compressive to Shear Wave Ratio for RV-DC events. Carene S Larmat, Zhou Lei, Bryan Euser, and Esteban Rougier.

T53F-0206. Discovering Tools for Geoscience Research at the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG). Lorraine Hwang, Rene Gassmoeller, and Mohamed Gouiza.

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