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2016 CIG ‘16 Interdiscplinary Directions in Computational Geophysics

CIG '16 Posters

Posters will be available throughout the Plenary Session and should be displayed by noon on Monday in Ballroom A of the UC Davis Convernce Center.

Lightning talks by subject matter will be held on Monday and Tuesday prior to the afternoon poster sessions.  

Register your poster and sign-up for lightning talks

Poster size is 4'H x 8'W landscape (usable space)

Lighting Talks Schedule
Monday: computational science, mantle convection, long-term tectonics
Tuesday: geodynamo, short term crustal dynamics, seismology


After the meeting, we will gladly re-purpose your poster into dino hats.

computational science

Rene Gassmoeller. Implementation of a flexible and scalable particle-in-cell method for massively parallel computations in the mantle convection code ASPECT*
Ying He and E.G. Puckett. A New DG Bound Preserving Compositional Advection Method in ASPECT*
C. Thieulot. Choosing an adequate FEM grid for global mantle convection modelling


Harsha Lokavarapu and Hiroaki Matsu. Optimization of Legendre Transform using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for a Geodynamo Code

Hiroaki Matsui. Performance benchmark for geodynamo simulations*

Hiroaki Matsui. Thermal structure at inner core boundary in geodynamo simulation*

Krista Soderlund et al. Simulating magnetic fields and zonal flows in ice giant planets

long-term tectonics

Sabber Ahamed. Improved Thermo-Mechanical Theory in Long-Term Tectonic Modeling*
C. Blom et al. Subduction modelling with ASPECT
Alberto Carballo. Geophysical and petrological model of Alaska lithosphere
Kirstie Haynie. Tectonic drivers of the Wrangell block forearc sliver: Insights from 3D geodynamic models*
Ravi Kanda. Towards 3D Numerical Models of the Taiwan Orogen: Oblique Arc-Continent Collision overlying Orthogonal Subduction Systems
John Naliboff. Non-robust numerical simulations of analogue extension experiments
Mike Tetley. Optimizing absolute tectonic plate motions using GPlates, pyGPlates and Python
Anthony Osei Tutu. Constrianing upper mantle rheology with global plate motion and stresses*
A. Plunder et al. Subduction obliquity as a prime indicator for geotherm in subduction zones
Huilin Wang. Mantle flow and surface deflection in North America

magma migration

Nestor Cerpa. Fluid transport by porous flow in the mantle wedge : Effects of grain size and mantle viscosity

mantle convection

Julianne Dannberg. The importance of grain size to mantle dynamics and seismological observations: A multidisciplinary approach*
Xiaolin Mao. A subduction initiation model with high resolution and realistic rheology
T. Rajaonarison, D.S. Stamps, G. Rambolamanana, M. Rajaoalison. Testing the Role of Upper Mantle Flow on Lithospheric Deformation in Madagascar
Vishagan Ratnaswamy. Inference of Constitutive Parameters in a Nonlinear Stokes Mantle Flow Model
Juan Rodriguez-Gonzalez.Implications for subduction under a non-uniform overriding plate: slab dip, subduction velocity and seismic anisotropy
M. Weller et al. On Evolving Lid-States, Bi-Stability, and the Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Pathways and Divergences in Planetary Evolution


Xueyang Bao. Full-wave tomography of the Tibetan Plateau using regional Pn waves
Erica Emry. Upper mantle structure of the Congo Craton and the East African Rift from broadband ambient noise
R. Hatch & J. Louie. The Mw 4.3 December 22, 2015 Thomas Creek Earthquake, South Reno, Nevada
John Louie. Predicting earthquake shaking in sparsely monitored urban basins- Lessons from Las Vegas, Nevada and Haifa, Israel*
Nicole McMahon. The 6 November 2011 M5.6 Prague, Oklahoma Aftershock Sequence Using Subspace Detection*
Avinash Nayak. Moment tensor inversion of seismic events associated with the sinkhole at Napoleonville salt dome, Louisiana
Sarah Jaye Oliva. Surface Wave Analysis of Regional Earthquakes in the Eastern Rift System (Africa)
Vipul Silwal. Wavefield simulations of earthquakes in southern Alaska for tomographic inversion
Kyle Smith.  Seismic Excitation of the Nenana Basin, Central Alaska*

short-term crustal dynamics

Sabber Ahamed. Coupling Long-Term Tectonic Loading with Short-Term Earthquake Slip*
Brad Aagaard. Pointwise functions for flexible implementation of crustal deformation physics in PyLith


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